Osceola County Voters Will Decide Fate Of $5 Million Law Enforcement Center Bond In November

Sibley, Iowa — One of the things that Osceola County voters will vote on in November is a $5 million bond issue for improvements to the county’s law enforcement center and jail.

Osceola County Sheriff Kevin Wollmuth tells us the main reason the improvements are needed.

He tells us what they believe needs to be done.

The sheriff tells us what they’d like to do to fix that problem.

He tells us why this issue is coming up now specifically.

But, says Wollmuth, the money they got through the ARPA was not enough, so they had to go to the voters to approve a bond issue. He tells us what they have planned.

The sheriff tells us how this would affect taxpayers.

But, Wollmuth says, the improvements are necessary, and without them, regulators would eventually shut down the jail, forcing the sheriff’s office to send prisoners to jails in other counties. And he says that’s a costly endeavor.

Wollmuth encourages all Osceola County citizens to vote in November.