Plans In Infancy For Proposed Paullina Public Safety Complex

Paullina, Iowa — The current Paullina Fire Station is great, but there’s just not enough room anymore.

That from Paullina Fire Chief Brent Noteboom, who says they are in the preliminary stages of planning for a new fire station, which, at this point, is planned to be part of a combined fire/ambulance/police station.

He gives us some background.

Noteboom tells us they’ve also been talking to city officials, and those that run the town’s ambulance service and police department about their needs.

Chief Noteboom says they have not decided on a location yet. He says it’s unknown if they will be able to use the same property, or how that’s going to work, so that’s, as he calls it, “Point A” of their discussion. He says they don’t have an estimate yet on how much it’s going to cost, but meeting with those who can assist them with that is next on the agenda. Actually, he says those two steps could end up switching places with each other as well because maybe the building that they decide they need wouldn’t fit where they thought they wanted it to go.

He tells us about their upcoming fundraising efforts.

He says hopefully, in the next few years, they can make something happen and have something the entire community can be proud of.

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