POET’s Ashton Manager Travels To DC

Ashton, Iowa — A group of ethanol proponents, including POET Biorefining – Ashton
General Manager Danny Clayton were recently in Washington, D.C. as part of Growth

Clayton's group in Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar's office
Clayton’s group in Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office

Energy’s Advocacy Conference.

Clayton tells us about the reason for their trip.

He says that one of the things they talked about with lawmakers was the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and what’s going to happen regarding the Renewable Fuels Standard or RFS.

He says they met with lawmakers from all over the country.

He says the Midwest lawmakers were pretty much on their side, but they needed to provide a little more information for those lawmakers who were from areas far from the corn-producing states. He says no one was flat out against raising the RFS.

Clayton says he wants to encourage people to get in touch with their lawmakers to help them encourage the EPA as much as possible to restore the RFS to the original volumes mandated by Congress. He says we should also expand the use of E-15, which is a fuel mixture of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline. He says it’s cleaner from an emissions standpoint and helps the country to be less dependent on foreign oil.



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