Power Outage In Sioux Center

Sioux Center, Iowa — Portions of Sioux Center experienced a loss of power on Tuesday, October 20th.

Murray Hulstein, the utility manager for Sioux Center, explains what happened.

(as said) “At about 3:30 yesterday afternoon, there was an underground contractor who hit one of our high voltage lines on the east side of town, which actually tripped our breaker in our substation.”

Hulstein says the contractor did not realize they had hit the line. According to Sioux Center’s social media, the areas affected were 9th Street to 20th Street SE and 4th Avenue to 13th Avenue Southeast.  Hulstien says the situation shows the importance of calling before you dig.

(as said) “Well, it just shows you the importance of always making sure that you call before you dig, and you work appropriately around underground utilities.” 

Power was restored around 4:26 pm Tuesday afternoon.

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