Powerball & Mega Millions Both Have Huge Jackpots This Weekend

Northwest Iowa (Radio Iowa) — Pick the right combination of numbers, and you could become rich beyond your wildest dreams this weekend.

Iowa Lottery spokesperson Mary Neubauer says the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots have both climbed above the 300-million dollar mark for the first time ever.

She says players follow the big jackpots and most often when one of the two games has gone unclaimed for a while, players move to it.

The Powberball jackpot is an estimated $356-million, while the Mega Millions is estimated at $382-million. Neubauer says it’s causing a lot of people to ask if they could win the Mega Millions drawing tonight (Friday) and double down with the Powerball win on Saturday.

The odds of wining Powerball are about one in 292-million. The odds of winning Mega Millions are about one in 259-million. She says the combined odds of winning both is about one in 75-quadrillion. The two jackpots are providing a little more excitement around the Iowa Lottery office as summer can be a slower month.

But big jackpots again have seemed to drive players to the games and defied the normal playing patterns.

Wednesday’s Powerball saw two tickets in Iowa coming within one number each of hitting Powerball jackpot. A ticket purchased in Avoca in western Iowa won a one million dollar prize, while a ticket purchased in Colfax in central Iowa won a 50-thousand dollar prize.

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