Pretrial Conference For Woman Accused Of Child Abuse At Daycare Scheduled For January

Rock Rapids, Iowa — The pretrial conference for an Inwood woman who was arrested on felony child endangerment charges after an investigation into two incidents in 2022 in Inwood continues to be pushed back, time after time, and is now scheduled in about a month.

According to a criminal complaint filed with the Lyon County Clerk of Court’s Office by the county sheriff’s office, then-27-year-old Hannah Olson of Inwood is accused of injuring one child and not seeking help promptly for an injury to another child. She was arrested on Monday, December 5th, 2022.

Her pretrial conference has been pushed back at least nine times. It was originally scheduled for February 14th of this year, with a trial a little over a month later, in March. At this point, barring any further delays, it will be on Monday, January 29th, 2024.

The first complaint states that in late August, 2022, a six-month-old under Olson’s care at daycare was taken to a hospital after he was found unresponsive. The six-month-old was diagnosed as having abusive head trauma believed to be the result of a “shaken baby” injury. During an interview, the deputy says Olson admitted to becoming frustrated with the child and shaking the child on her hip in a violent manner.

The second complaint states that a 24-month-old in Olson’s care suffered a severe burn to his right hand after his hand entered a pot of water in the sink which had just been used to boil hot dogs. Olson stated she ran the child’s hand under cold water and applied burn cream. Olson is then accused of failing to notify the parents or any other medical care provider for over three hours of the serious burn incident. The complaint states that by the time the family was notified, the child’s skin had separated from his right hand, and the hand had suffered severe damage. During an interview, the deputy says Olson agreed that calling for help sooner may have prevented some of the ongoing medical issues the child was still facing when the complaint was filed.

Olson was charged with two counts of child endangerment causing serious injury. If convicted of a class C felony, Olson could face up to ten years in prison.


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