Primary Election Is Tuesday; Voting Locations Are Limited

Northwest Iowa — Primary election day is this Tuesday, June 2nd. However, your polling location might not be as convenient as you are used to.

In most cases, in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus and protect both poll workers and voters, the auditor’s offices are limiting the polling locations. Polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.

In O’Brien County, Auditor Barb Rohwer says there will only be two locations in the entire county where you can cast your ballot. One will be in Sheldon, and the other in Primghar. Also, the Sheldon location is NOT the normal Sheldon location. It will be at the Crossroads Pavilion Events Center. We are told that is because it is easier to limit access to the building to one entrance. Voters in Carroll and Floyd Townships (including the cities of Archer and Sheldon) will vote at the Pavilion. Everyone else who didn’t vote by mail will vote at the Primghar Community Center. Click here for more information on who votes where.

In Lyon County, Auditor Jen Smit says there will be one polling location for the entire county, which will be at the Forster Community Center in Rock Rapids. She also says that unlike some elections where there are two sets of poll workers in that building — one set of poll workers will handle all those voting in Lyon County who didn’t vote absentee — either by mail or in person at the courthouse in the days before the election.

In Osceola County, there will only be three polling locations: The American Legion Hall in Ashton, the Ocheyedan Town Hall, and the Sibley Senior Center, according to the Osceola County Auditor’s office. Click here for more information on who votes where.

There will only be five polling locations in Sioux County for the June primary. According to Sioux County Auditor Ryan Dokter, they will be the Prairie Winds Events Center in Orange City, the DEMCO Community Center in Boyden, the Hawarden Community Center, the Parkview Event Center in Rock Valley, and the Terrace View Event Center in Sioux Center. Click here for more information on who votes where.

Dokter says, “The decision to reduce the number of locations to open for the Primary Election was made due to the number of election workers we were able to recruit. We were able to select locations that are strategically placed in the county where no voter should have to drive much more than 20 minutes to vote.”

Notes on absentee voting from Sioux County Auditor’s Office:
If you haven’t mailed in your absentee ballot and want to vote at the polls instead, YOU CAN.  But YOU MUST TAKE YOUR ABSENTEE BALLOT TO THE POLL WITH YOU.  Once you check in, you turn that ballot over and the poll worker will call the auditor to cancel that ballot and let them know you are voting in person.
IF you have filled that ballot out and haven’t mailed it yet, you can physically take it to the courthouse on Monday.
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