Red Cross Providing Flood Relief In Our Area

Northwest Iowa — With all the flooding that northwest Iowans have been experiencing, the American Red Cross is also helping out.

Mark Tauscheck, who is the Regional Communications Officer for the American Red Cross Serving Greater Iowa provided an update on their flood relief efforts.

He says their primary focus has been several communities in northwest Iowa. He says that working in partnership with local county emergency management, the Red Cross has been distributing clean-up kits to impacted residents around the region.

Red Cross clean-up kits contain items including a collapsible mop handle, mop heads, heavy-duty broom head, a squeegee head, bleach, garbage bags, rubber gloves, heavy duty work gloves and a large sponge. All these items come in a heavy-duty bucket.

Tauscheck says they have Red Cross vehicles from around the state loaded up with the clean-up kits and driving into the hardest-hit communities. He says Red Cross volunteers coordinate with local first responders to identify neighborhoods the Red Cross should target and then Red Cross volunteers literally drive up and down the streets offering these clean-up kits to residents.

He says they anticipate they will continue clean-up kit distribution for the next several days.

Sanborn city officials have told us that they have the Red Cross kits at City Hall, and if you are a Sanborn resident affected by the flood you can come and pick one up. Similarly, Osceola County Emergency Management says Red Cross clean-up kits are available to Osceola County residents. Contact Osceola County Emergency Management or any Sibley Firefighter.

Tauscheck tells us how many kits had been distributed by Saturday.

Pocahontas = 20
Cerro Gordo = 400
Webster = 1
Kossuth = 140
Cherokee = 37
Osceola = 187
Clay = 32
Sioux = 91
Plymouth = 14
O’Brien = 80

Total: 1,002

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