Report Of Over Six Inches Of Rain Near Hospers

Northwest Iowa — A bunch of rain fell on northwest Iowa on Monday night. And reports were quite spotty — even reports quite near each other varied by quite a bit.

Coming out on top of reports are unofficial reports around Hospers. One report was of 6.2 inches, one of five inches, and one of four inches in Hospers. Not too far northwest of Hospers, only 3.12″ was reported. Two unofficial reports near Hull said they had around four inches, but in Hull, only 2.5 inches were reported. Orange City reports include three inches, 3.62 and 3.37. The official Sioux Center total, measured at the wastewater treatment plant was 3.00 inches, with other Sioux Center area reports of 2.31, 2.25, and 2.07 inches.

Trusty weatherman Clarence Stubbe reports they had 2.48 inches in George. The official Sheldon report was 2.33 inches. The National Weather Service says they received a report from four miles north-northeast of Lester of 1.63 inches. In Rock Rapids, the official amount was 1.53 inches, but less than two blocks away, 1.71 inches were reported. Sibley got the least rain of our survey, with an official total of 1.0 inches.

Thanks to the official and not-so-official reporters of precip around northwest Iowa for providing us with this information.

A flash flood watch was posted for the area in the 4 p.m. hour Monday, with flash flood warnings posted in the 11 p.m. hour.


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