Republican State Central Committee Co-Chair From Rock Rapids Weighs In On Straw Poll

Rock Rapids, Iowa — Governor Terry Branstad and others have suggested the Ames Straw Poll should be scrapped. Branstad says it used to be an organizational test and then it became a really big money thing and he says now he thinks it’s become less relevant in light of the last couple of elections. Former Congressman Tom Latham worries that Iowa could lose it’s first-in-the-nation caucus status if the straw poll is continued.
Dr Cody Hoefert
Meanwhile, Congressman Steve King thinks the Straw Poll should be saved. He says, “Some in positions of power want to take away the Straw Poll to suppress the influence of grassroots conservatives.”

We had a chance to talk with Republican Party of Iowa State Central Committee Co-Chair Dr. Cody Hoefert of Rock Rapids about it.

He tells us that they’re not sure whether the state’s first-in-the-nation caucus status would be in jeopardy if the Straw Poll continues.

Dr. Hoefert says he likes the straw poll and hopes it can continue.

Again, Hoefert says the decision will probably be made when the Republican Party of Iowa State Central Committee meets on this Saturday, January 10th.

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