Reward Offered In Car “Keying” Case

Sheldon, Iowa — A $350 reward is being offered for information that leads Sheldon Police to whoever damaged some vehicles.
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The Sheldon Police Department is investigating two criminal mischief incidents during which suspects used a sharp instrument to scratch the paint on vehicles causing a significant amount of damage to the paint surface. They say the incidents occurred sometime on April 1 or 2, 2015 while the vehicles were parked either in the 500 block of Tenth Street or the 400 block of Ninth Street in Sheldon.

The Crime Dusters program is offering a $350 reward to anyone who provides information on this crime that leads to the arrest and conviction of the offender.

You can provide information on this crime or any other crimes by calling the Sheldon Police Department at 712-324-2525. When you call, they’ll connect you with a police officer who will take your information.

People can also provide information or tips on crimes by using the “Hot Tip” link or “email” button on the O’Brien County Sheriff’s web site. Arrangements can also be made to assist anyone who wants to remain anonymous but still be eligible for the reward.


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