Rise Ministries To Launch Podcast

Sheldon, Iowa — Rise Ministries in Sheldon is adding a new component to their outreach. Rise Founder and President Rob Roozeboom says Rise Ministries is on the verge of launching a podcast series.

(As above) “After quite a few years of talking about the concept, we’re finally putting it together. We’ve had Parker Nissen interning for us this past year, and he really kind of inspired us to get after the podcast. And so, after talking about it through these months of COVID and things like that, we were able to put it together. So, we kind of had to come up with a concept…what’s it going to be about?…what kind of conversations are we going to have?…who are we going to have conversations with?”

He tells us where the idea for the podcast subject came from.

(As above) “This idea came after going to a conference, where a gal named Paula Barris made this statement, “Where tragedy and pain and opportunity coexist.’ And I started thinking to myself, you know we’re all on journeys, and some days we’re on the mountaintop and other days we’re in the valley. And we need to find joy, even in the moments of the valleys. And so, as we were talking about this concept, we came up with, ‘Enjoying the Journey.’ And the reason we came up with those words is because there is a wonderful song by MercyMe, called Almost Home. (In that song) Bart sings about…you know, we’re going to have adversity days, we’re going to have tough days, but take joy in the journey because we’re almost home.”

Roozeboom talks about how they arrived at the name of the podcast series.

(As above) “Let’s put a podcast together that talks about people who are on journeys. That sometimes have great days, sometimes not so great days. And how they have learned to enjoy the journey. So that’s what we’re calling it, ‘Enjoying the Journey.’”

He says the podcast series will premiere Monday.

(As above) “This will launch next week Monday, September 21st. We are excited, we have already recorded the first episode….we actually recorded the first two episodes. The first one is in final production and is scheduled to go out Monday, September 21.”

Roozeboom says there are various ways you can access the “Enjoying the Journey” podcasts.

(As above) “The easiest way is, obviously, if you have an iPhone or something like that, would be iTunes. However, you can get it on any podcast platform: Apple Podcast; Google Podcast; Spotify; Pandora. Any of those, you’ll be able to pick up the podcast.”

He says Monday’s podcast will feature Darren Mulligan of the Christian music group, We Are Messengers.



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