Riverboat Foundation Gives Over $385,000 In Grants To 18 Lyon County Projects

Larchwood, Iowa — Eighteen projects in Lyon County have received over $385,000 in grants from the non-profit license-holder of the Grand Falls Casino and Resort near Larchwood. The grants range from $789 for a projector up to a multi-cycle grant of over $75,000 for renovation of a City Hall.

The Lyon County Riverboat Foundation, or LCRF announced 18 grants, totaling $385,235.93, in Fall 2012 awards through its Competitive Grant program on Thursday night. Applications were due September 20, 2012 for this third round of grants. The LCRF Board of Directors made the decision on grant awards at its September board meeting. LCRF also funded previous multi-cycle grants from the second round of grants held in March of 2012. There are 5 multi-cycle grants from this cycle totaling $100,794.16. This brings the third round of grants to a total of $486,030.09 and a total of 23 grants being funded this cycle. The recent cycle included one additional multi-cycle grant to Inwood Fire and Rescue and 4 partially-funded grants.

President of the Lyon County Riverboat Foundation Board of Directors Jeff Gallagher announced the Competitive grant funding at an awards ceremony held on Thursday (10/18) at Grand Falls Casino and Resort.

Some of the bigger grants included the $75,000 multi-cycle grant for renovation of the Little Rock Old City Hall, a multi-cycle grant to Inwood Fire and Rescue of $68,000 for the purchase of a new grass rig, a grant of just over $50,000 to replace a generator at the George Good Samaritan Center, and $50,000 to George/Little Rock Schools for a fire escape.

For the full list and a report on Gallagher’s speech Thursday night, visit this story’s page at

Gallagher emphasized several areas of importance. These included

  • Real interest and importance to the community
  • How much work has your organization put into the project?
  • Use the application to sell your project.
  • Explain the project so that the board members understand the importance of the project.
  • Gallagher also reviewed how the grant agreement statement should be interpreted, using several examples to help explain how the monies are distributed according to the % of the grant that LCRF is funding. The next application deadline for the Competitive Grant program is set for January 22,2013. Letters of intent to apply for the January round of funding can be submitted at any time to the Foundation Office in Rock Rapids. An updated application form is available on The LCRF web site at ( The Lyon County Riverboat Foundation sets aside 50 % of its net receipts for the Competitive Grant Program. The remaining 50 % is divided into municipal, school, and county fund with half of those funds earmarked for the cities and county program and the other half distributed equally to the schools of Lyon County. The LCRF ls the nonprofit license holder for the Grand Falls Casino and Resort, which provides all of its funding. The casino is mandated by law to return a portion of its proceeds to the community.

    Entity Total Project Amount Purpose
    City of Little Rock $75,053 Old City Hall Renovation #1
    Inwood Fire and Rescue $68,119 Grass Rig — four cycles at $17,029
    Good Samaritain Center of George $50,110 Generator Replacement
    Lyon County Economic Development $50,000 Revolving Loans
    GLR Schools $30,000 Fire Escape
    Sioux Falls En Access $25,000 Rosewood Heights (Rock Rapids) Improvements
    Lyon County Fair Association $19,950 Electric Upgrade
    City of Rock Rapids $19,800 Island Park Playground Equipment
    Little Rock EMS $19,000 Power Load
    City of George $17,000 Renovation of Train Depot
    City of Alvord $14,202 Emergency Siren
    United Church of Christ $9,159 Food Pantry
    Doon FWC $8,595 Community Center Updates
    Rock Rapids Kids Club $8,000 Grant Writing
    Fellowship Village $7,920 Automatic Door Openers
    Little Rock Town & Country Club $6,390 Welcome Sign
    City of Alvord $4,433 Operal House Improvements
    American Legion Buss/Johnson Post
    $2,825 Flag Poles
    Lyon County Conservation Board $769 Projector for Education
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