Rock Valley FD Adds New Boat To Their Water Rescue Arsenal

Rock Valley, Iowa — The Rock Valley Fire Department has added a new piece of equipment that will help them conduct water rescues.

Rock Valley firefighters have added a new boat to their rescue arsenal, thanks to a $10,000 grant from the Siouxland Community Foundation. Fire officials say that, without the grant, the purchase of the new boat would not have been possible.

According to the Rock Valley Fire Department, the decision to upgrade from their inflatable boat came about after several months of discussion surrounding the water rescue emergencies they have been called to in recent years. The department also recognizes the potential for water-related incidents given the many bodies of water and the river within and surrounding their community. Fire officials say it was through those discussions that it was decided for the department to partner with the Sioux County Dive Team to look at purchasing a hard-bottom boat to serve as a secondary rescue boat that can be deployed to all communities throughout Sioux County, should the need arise. The boat has been equipped with high-definition sonar equipment to allow for better underwater visualization and aid in locating victims more quickly.

Rock Valley fire officials say the boat is housed at the Rock Valley Fire Department.