Rock Valley Recovering Well From 2014 Flood

Rock Valley, Iowa — The flood of 2014 happened 11 months ago. Flood recovery has gone well in Rock Valley, according to city officials.

2014 Rock Valley flooding
2014 Rock Valley flooding

The Sioux County Supervisors have approved tax abatement for several mobile home owners whose homes were damaged or destroyed in last year’s flood. Rock Valley City Administrator Tom Van Maanen tells us that the county abated tax on the mobile homes for the period that they were not in livable condition after the flood.

Van Maanen says that like Rock Rapids, Rock Valley is participating in a flood buyout program.

He says an organization has been helping the city and its residents through flood recovery.

Van Maanen says there’s another reason recovery has gone so well there.

He says he’s glad World Renew could help them out, because there were people that needed help that no one knew about. He says through their help, he feels that everyone who needed help received it.

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