Sanford Provider Says Breast Cancer Awareness Month Is Good Reminder To Schedule Mammograms

Sheldon, Iowa — October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and a time to remember to do what you can to prevent the disease.

Sanford Sheldon Nurse Practitioner Cassie Theovald tells us one of those things you don’t even need to make an appointment for.

The other main way you can prevent breast cancer is through a mammogram.

She says it’s important to get a mammogram at age 40 so that they have a baseline to compare to. Sometimes irregularities are found on that first mammogram too, which of course, they’ll check out.

We talked to Theovald about risk factors for breast cancer.

Theovald tells us that it’s rare, but not impossible for men to develop breast cancer as well. And while they probably don’t need to get routine mammograms, men should even do an occasional self-exam of their chest.

Sanford providers tell us that unlike in some places, where the mammography equipment comes on a truck a few times a month, Sanford Sheldon’s 3D unit that was installed in early 2020 is permanently installed at Sanford Sheldon, and you can call 712-324-6222 to set up your appointment.

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