Sanford Sheldon Physician On Coronavirus

Sheldon, Iowa — Coronavirus has been in the news a great deal lately, with the virus claiming more than 250 lives in China.

Dr. Ryan Becker of Sanford Sheldon says that, much like influenza, there are many strains of the Coronavirus.

Dr. Becker says it’s a fairly common virus.

He says you should continue with the normal precautions you take every cold and flu season.

Becker says here in northwest Iowa we are at a VERY low risk of contracting Coronavirus.

Dr. Becker says in our part of the country you run a MUCH greater chance of getting sick with influenza than Coronavirus.

Becker advises that it’s still not too late to get your flu shots, and you should continue to wash your hands frequently, and if you’re sick stay home to avoid making other people sick. He says if you have questions or concerns you can contact the Sanford Sheldon Clinic for more information.

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