Saying It’s A Turkey ‘Shortage’ Isn’t Accurate, But Supplies May Soon Run Short

Statewide Iowa — With a little over a month until Thanksgiving, there are reports of a looming turkey shortage, but the executive director of the Iowa Turkey Federation says that is not accurate.

Gretta Irwin says there is an “ample supply” of turkeys, however there are other issues which could leave your feathers ruffled if you’re hoping to have a roast turkey as your centerpiece on November 25th.

Irwin says Iowa turkey producers will be raising a number of birds this year that is comparable to previous years, but due to continued troubles with transportation and supply management, your nearest supermarket may soon be running lower than usual.

Many Iowans are already making Thanksgiving plans and know roughly how many people will be around the table and thus, how big a turkey they’ll need.

Irwin says Iowa turkey farmers should raise about 12-million birds this year, which will rank the state seventh in the U-S in turkey production, while Iowa is fifth in turkey processing.
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