SCDC Parade Of Lights Comes To Town

Sheldon, Iowa — If your children are looking for Santa Claus he will be in Sheldon on Saturday, November 26th.

The Sheldon Chamber and Development Corporation will be hosting their second annual Parade of Lights on Saturday at 5:30 P.M. The theme for the parade will be “Home for the Holidays.” Each entry will be lit up with their version of what home looks like for the holidays.

Brandi Fuerstenberg, an SCDC administrative assistant, tells KIWA that the Parade is for people to just come together.

She tells us that the deadline to enter has come to an end and there will be a total of 27 entries this year, which also includes the jeep parade that KIWA and Ron Drenkow Motors are sponsoring. The jeeps will be first in the parade lineup then the floats and pick-ups will follow. And one of these floats will carry Santa Claus.

The parade route will start downtown at Third Avenue. Fuerstenberg tells us that this route differs from the Celebration Days Parade.

She says there will be a booth for hot chocolate in the community building parking lot for those who would love hot chocolate in the cold weather.

Fuerstenberg adds that she hopes everyone comes to the Parade of Lights.

The Parade of Lights takes place this Saturday, November 26th at 5:30 P.M.

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