SCDC Still Looking For Executive Director; Matus Hired As Interim Chamber Director

Sheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon Chamber and Development Corporation (SCDC) is still in the recruitment and hiring process after losing all of its employees in 2023.

According to SCDC President Justin Jonas, the SCDC Executive Committee conducted interviews with three very well-qualified candidates for the executive director position in October. He tells us those interviews went well, and the committee worked through the process with their recruiter and the board. Unfortunately, Jonas says, for various reasons, they were unsuccessful in hiring any of those three candidates.

He says their recruiter continues to have conversations and is in the process of presenting additional candidates to the committee.

Jonas says things continue to get done at the SCDC in various ways. He tells us Interim Executive Director Mark Brown continues to do “a great job of running the office and making sure everything is getting done.” Jonas says Brown has committed to doing this through the end of March.

Jonas also says Brandi Fuerstenberg continues to help in the evenings with some administrative work.

He does tell us that the SCDC Board is shifting gears a little bit in that they want to focus a little more on the Chamber Director position. He says they initially wanted to let the Executive Director be a part of hiring that position, but with how things are going, they have decided they want to work harder at filling that position sooner.

Jonas says in that vein, Shanelle Matus has been hired in an interim role to be the Chamber Director from now through the Labor Day holiday.

He says the goal is since Matus has previous experience in the role, to have her plan and execute the upcoming events, as well as play a big role in training the next Chamber Director, once hired.


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