Scruffy Deputies? It’s For A Good Cause

Orange City, Iowa — If you get stopped by a Sioux County Sheriff’s Deputy or you see a member of the sheriff’s staff and they are sporting a few more whiskers than they normally do — it’s OK. They didn’t forget to shave.

In observance of the No-Shave November movement seen across the United States, the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office tells us they are allowing employees who desire to participate in this project to go neatly trimmed, but unshaven, for the month to raise money for the Sioux County Relay for Life. The way No-Shave November works is people donate the cost of shaving supplies, waxing, salon visits, and so forth for the month — or whatever they would like to donate — to the American Cancer Society or a similar organization.

Sioux County Sheriff Jamie Van Voorst tells us his staff has chosen to support an organization that is dedicated to helping communities attack cancer. He says, “If our month of participation can go toward a cause to make a difference by rallying together in the fight against cancer, then we have all worked in concert to each do a small part, in battling this big disease.”

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office personnel are donating toward the American Cancer Society Sioux County Relay for Life.

Click here for more information about the Relay for Life Sioux County, or find them on Facebook.



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