Sheldon City Council to Discuss Proposed Streetscape Activity Dates Including Public Hearings

Sheldon ID logoWhen the Sheldon City Council meets Wednesday January 16th they will get a look at the proposed schedule of activity with regard to the downtown Infrastructure project.

The proposed schedule of activity begins February 18th with what is called a fifty percent design review meeting .  This will be followed by the council acting on a preliminary resolution for construction at the February 20th council meeting. The next proposed date is March 6th when a 75 percent  design is presented to the council for their review.

If they adopt the plat and schedule at that meeting they will set the date for a Public Hearing on a resolution of necessity.  That public hearing would probably be held on April 3rd after the proper notices have been mailed and published.  According to the proposed schedule the council could then set the date of another public hearing for the letting of bids.

The next public hearing would be held on May 1st.  This would be on plans, specifications and form of contract.  After that the council could decide to award the contract with final approval scheduled for May 15th or June 5th.  If this schedule is followed, construction could begin on or before June 6th.

The council will also consider a contract with DGR Engineering of Rock Rapids for ground storage reservoir repair services.  On several occasions since 2005, the city has had to seal cracks in the concrete ground storage reservoir at the water treatment plant.  Now, more cracks have appeared and the council will discuss a plan proposed by DGR that could provide a long-term solution for the leakage problem.

And the council will set the time and date for a Public Hearing on a proposed amended and restated Sheldon Urban Renewal Plan. Wednesday’s meeting  begins at 4:30 in the upper level of the Sheldon Community Services Center.

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