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Sheldon Council Opts To Appoint New 2nd Ward Council Member

Sheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon 2nd Ward City Council seat currently held by Shawn Broesder will be filled by appointment following Broesder’s resignation, which becomes effective April 7th.

That was the decision of the Sheldon City Council at their meeting Wednesday. A replacement will be appointed to fill the 2nd Ward seat until the next regular election, which will be held this November. The Council had the option of calling for a special election to fill the 2nd Ward seat, but opted to go the appointment route.

Mayor Greg Geels urged any 2nd Ward residents who are interested in serving on the Council, to submit a letter of interest to the Sheldon City Office. Each of those individuals will then appear before the Council at their April 21st regular meeting to be interviewed by the Council to select the new council member.

Mayor Greg Geels informed the Council that the City had already received interest from two 2nd Ward residents, expressing their interest in being appointed to fill that position.

Residents of the 2nd Ward still have the opportunity to see their new council representative selected by the Ward’s voters in a special election. City Attorney Micah Schreurs told the Council that if a petition to hold a special election, signed by just two 2nd Ward residents, is presented to the City, it will force a special election.

In other action, the Council authorized a short-term committee to oversee the Iowa State University Extension Housing Needs Assessment that the Council had agreed to participate in at an earlier meeting. Committee members are appointed by the Mayor, with Council approval. Mayor Geels urged anyone interested in serving on that short-term committee to contact him, or the City Office.

A public hearing on the topic of the City Budget for 2021-2022 was held at Wednesday’s meeting, after which the Council unanimously voted to approve the budget and certification of taxes.

Sheldon Mayor Greg Geels administered the Oath of Office to Police Officer Todd Wood, promoting him to the rank of Sergeant. Sergeant Wood had been scheduled to take the Oath of Office at an earlier meeting, but was unable to attend.

To see a mapĀ of Sheldon’s 2nd Ward, CLICK HERE.

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