Sheldon High School Fall Musical Postponed

Sheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon High School Theatre production of ‘Ghost, the Musical’, which was scheduled to be performed Friday, November 13th and Saturday, November 14th, has been postponed.

Jodi Grant is the show’s head director, and she says issues with COVID-19, including her own positive test for the virus, forced the move.

(As above) “Myself, the director, was quarantined after testing positive, for a week and a half and that brought some difficulties with the schedule. Plus we’ve had some students who are either sick or just quarantined and that made it very difficult. We’ve tried to use some different technology, like using Google Meet to have students come in. We had our choreographer come in on the Google Meet. We really tried, we really did, but we’ve just lost so much ground and we are behind and we also looked at the fact that if we do have out musical in the fall there is no way that we can have a live audience and we would have to live stream and that’s so difficult for actors to not have a live audience. So we are really hopeful that in the spring maybe we can have a live audience. Also hoping that a lot of this will clear up a little bit more in the spring. It’s not a guarantee but we are hoping.”

As a result, Grant says the November 13 and 14 performance dates are being postponed, with the dates for the production still to be determined.

(As above) “We haven’t chosen a date yet for sure, but we are going to meet again in January…the directors and the administration, and we will look at what’s going on with the COVIDsituation and look at the schedule to see if maybe we can pick a time that would be better, ossibly in May, maybe. We’ll just look and see where things are at and we’ll reevaluate and hopefully we can find a good time that would be potentially good for the musical.” 

‘Ghost, the Musical’ is based on the movie ‘Ghost’, which stars Patrick Swayze, so most people are kind of familiar with that, according to Grant. She says the musical came out a few years ago on Broadway.

Story by Ryer Dacken



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