Sheldon Middle School Teachers Get Slimed

Sheldon, Iowa – Students at Sheldon Middle School ended their school day on Wednesday with an enthusiastic, and messy, assembly.

We’ve reported on the Color Run Fundraiser the middle school students held earlier this year. With an initial goal of $12,000, incentives were set at various benchmark goals for students to encourage active participation, all of which were blown out of the water.

When they achieved their $12,000 goal, each student received a color run t-shirt to wear during that event, which took place on Friday, September 27th on the campus of the Sheldon Community Schools. The 2nd goal set for the students was $15,000, which resulted in the Teacher Torture that was carried out during Wednesday’s assembly.

Principal Cindy Barwick told KIWA that she got the idea for the Teacher Torture activity after reading about a similar event that was recently carried out at the Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn high school. Seventeen brave educators at Sheldon Middle School volunteered to be the recipients of whatever “torture” was to take place.

Barwick set a festive mood with lively music greeting the students as they entered the gymnasium for their assembly. Fifth grade student Anna Feltman lead the school in the National Anthem, and Barwick ran down an impressive list of student recognitions for recent activities that have taken place involving various middle school students. Then the fun really began! Students were called down by grade to pour slime over their teachers’ heads. The enthusiasm of the students matched the level of messiness achieved in the sliming of the volunteer teachers, who took their torture with smiles on their faces.

Additional goals of eighteen and twenty thousand dollars netted the students a half day of fun on Tuesday, December 3rd and a viewing of Jumanji 3 at the Sheldon movie theater on the last day of school before winter break.

Below are some of the images from Wednesday’s Teacher Torture at Sheldon Middle School – KIWA Staff Photos

The Festivities Began with SMS Student Anna Feltman Singing The National Anthem

Sheldon 5th Graders Torture Their Teacher Victims

6th Grade Slime-Time

SMS Teachers After Being Slimed By 6th Graders

7th Graders Torture Their Teachers

Slimed 7th Grade Teachers

Sheldon Middle School 8th Grade Slime-Time

8th Grade Teachers Post-Sliming

SMS Middle School Principal Cindy Barwick Post-Sliming

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