Sheldon Police Advise Of Email Airline E-Ticket Scam

Jet Airliner_sxcSheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon police are advising of another scam. This time it’s from a company pretending to be American Airlines.

The email says it’s a confirmation for some e-tickets that the recipient never ordered. The police say it says “to change your reservation, please call . . .” and then it lists an 800 number. Officers say if you call this number, the scammer would probably say that they need you to verify your credit card number. The police say that’s almost certainly the point of the scam. They get your credit card number and can fraudulently use or sell it to someone else.

The police also say a call was made to the real American Airlines and it was discovered that many people have received this email.

Sheldon police advise if you haven’t ordered any e-tickets, to not even open the email.

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