Sheldon School Board Approves Plans, Specs & Cost Estimates For East Elementary Project

Sheldon-Schools-logoSheldon, IA — The Board of Education for the Sheldon Community School District approved the plans, specifications and cost estimates for the East Elementary Building/Remodel Project at a special meeting held Wednesday noon.

The project involves two additions of roughly 24,000 square feet to the existing structure, consisting of administration areas, an exercise gymnasium, and eight classrooms.  Structural systems for the addition include load-bearing masonry walls and steel roof joists, with precast concrete for the exercise gym to meet ICC 500 standards for a tornado shelter.  The project also includes extensive renovation of the existing building, which will largely take place during the summer of 2014, and includes fire sprinkler systems, new boilers and HVAC systems, new doors, casework and finishes.  Some existing classrooms will be renovated into areas for students with special needs.  All phases of the project should be completed no later than December of 2014.

The estimated costs, provided by the architects, and approved by the Board at Wednesday’s meeting, include just over $3.5 million dollars for architectural, $1.76 million for mechanical, and $400,000 for electrical, for a total of just over $5.73 million dollars.  This estimated figure allows for approximately $600,000 in contingencies before reaching the maximum amount approved by the District’s voters.

The architects indicated to the Board that they have already received a great deal of interest in the project by contractors who intend to bid on the job, including a phone call from a local contractor.  They say they are confident that the construction market is very competitive at this time, which should allow the bids to come well within the District’s budget for the project.

There will be a Public Hearing on the East Elementary Building/Remodel Project during the Board’s regular July meeting, which is scheduled for Wednesday, July 10th.

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