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Sheldon Schools Return To Learn Plan

Sheldon, Iowa– The Iowa Department of Education released information to schools within Iowa as a response to Covid 19 to better help prepare schools to educate students while also being able to maintain a safe environment for students during the pandemic.

The Sheldon School district will have its own Return to Learn plan to better assist its students to be able to learn in this new COVID climate as they come back to school this year. Cory Myer, the superintendent of Sheldon School District, gives some insight on Sheldon’s Return-To-Learn plan.

(As Said) “What we’ll be looking at for our school district is going to be the on-site instruction, so all of the kids will be coming back, we’ll be taking some extra precautions with hand washing, practicing social distancing whenever¬†possible and we’ve got ideas in place for that, and then all of the high-touch areas around the buildings, those are gonna be cleaned and sanitized multiple times each day.” says Myer.

With the current plan in place, students will return to the classrooms for face-to-face instruction on August 12th with these new policies in place.

Masks will not be required for students or staff to wear, nor will temperature checks be required of students as they walk into the school buildings. This is based on guidance by the Iowa Department of Education.

(As Said) “That guidance could of course change at any time, and we will continue to be compliant and follow along with the guidance we receive from the Department of Education.”¬†

On top of having an on-site learning plan, there is also a distance-hybrid learning plan.

(As Said) “In addition to the on-site learning,” says Myer “we do have a hybrid and distance learning plan available as well, and if thing change due to COVID-19 then we may have to switch into either the hybrid or distance learning plan based on need.”

All of the Return-To-Learn information will be available on the Sheldon Schools Website and will be updated as need be as more information becomes available.

For more information on Sheldon’s Return-To-Learn plan click here.

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