Sheldon Slightly Warmer, Damper Than Normal For June

Sheldon, Iowa — Temperatures and rainfall during the month just ended were slightly above the numbers for June of last year.

During the month of June 2020, the warmest temperature recorded came on June 3rd, when the mercury topped out at 100 degrees. The average high for the month was 85, which is 6 degrees above the normal of 79. It’s also 5 degrees above the high temperature recorded on June 30, 2019, when the mercury topped out at 95 degrees.

Our coolest low temperature in June this year was 51 degrees which came on June 3rd….the same day we recorded a high of 100…that marks a 49 degree swing during that 24 hour period. Our average low was 62 degrees, 7 degrees warmer than the normal June low temperature, and 4 degrees warmer than the coolest low in June of last year.

As for precipitation, 3.26-inches of rain fell on Sheldon during June, 2020, which is 0.65 inch below the normal of 3.91, but 0.85 inches above the amount of rainfall in June of last year.

KIWA is the official National Weather Service Reporter for Sheldon.

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