UPDATE: Sheldon United Fund Meets Goal

Sheldon, Iowa — Earlier we had told you that according to Sheldon United Fund spokesperson Cindy Runger, thanks to some generous last-minute, end-of-the-year donations, the Sheldon United Fund came very close to meeting its 2015 goal. On Monday afternoon, January 4th, Runger advised KIWA that the drive has now met the goal.

The goal was $31,000.United Fund 2015 She says the fund has now finished the year at $31,181, which is more than $7000 in the last week.

The United Fund is a fundraising campaign designed so that non-profit organizations can raise funds through a single appeal and so that Sheldon residents are not approached by several different organizations throughout the year raising funds. You can choose which of the 25 different organizations receives your donation, or split your donation among any or all organizations.

Essays explaining each organization are available at Sheldon banks each year.

United Fund organizers thank everyone for their generous donations.



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