Sheldon Vision Care Set To Open In New Location Monday

Sheldon, Iowa — A Sheldon optometrist’s office will be open in a new location Monday morning (August 3rd).

A few months ago Dr. Jon Michels of Sheldon Vision Care purchased the old Hy-Vee building, across from the City Park on Highway 18 in Sheldon. Dr. Michels says this Thursday (July 30th), they moved from their former location on 9th Street in downtown Sheldon, to the former Hy-Vee store building, and will be opening Sheldon Vision Care at the new location Monday morning. Michels talked about the reason for the move.

(As above) “In June we actually hired another doctor, Dr. Mullally, who is from Le Mars originally. She moved to Sheldon just a month…..month and a half ago now. She’s joined the practice, so our office downtown was just entirely too small. This is a project we’ve been working on for a while, in terms of acquiring the space, then hiring another doctor. We’re expanding our footprint tremendously and we’ve made a huge investment in technology….and the practice looks amazing.”

Dr. Michels says one of the biggest advantages of the new location is the additional space.

(As above) “That’s going to be the biggest thing. It”s just more exam rooms, it’s just a brand new office from head to toe. Tons more equipment, tons more technology, the frame area looks amazing, larger frame selection, new frame lines….it’s essentially a new practice from top to bottom.”

We asked Michels about the hours of operation for Sheldon Vision Care.

(As above) “On Mondays we’re open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. On Tuesdays we’re open 9:00 to 5:00. Then Wednesday through Friday we’re open 8:30 until 5:00.”

He says there are a variety of ways that you can contact Sheldon Vision Care.

(As above) “By phone, we’re available at 324-5151. People are obviously able to check us out now online, both at our website,, and our Facebook page at Sheldon Vision Care. Anymore with technology, we’re able to make appointments through our Facebook page, people can text us for appointment availability and communicate with us that way, as well.”

Dr. Michels says not only are there appointments available, but they’re accepting new patients, as well.

(As above) “I would encourage the community that if they’re in need of fantastic, world-class eye care, to give us a call. Dr. Mullally hsa a number of appointments available, right now just getting started. As I said before, call us at 324-5151 and we’ll be glad to take care of new patients.”

Again, Sheldon Vision Care opens Monday in their new location, in the former Hy-Vee building across the street north of the City Park on Highway 18 in Sheldon. You can call them at 712-324-5151, you can visit their website, or visit their Facebook page.

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