Show Of Solidarity Scheduled For Tonight (Wednesday)

Northwest Iowa — Many fire departments and ambulance squads in northwest Iowa are going to participate in a show of solidarity tonight.

Sibley Fire Chief Ken Huls tells us more.

(as said:) “They’ll be opening their doors at seven o’clock this evening for approximately five minutes and we’re going to be operating all of our red and blue lights just as a show of solidarity — letting our communities and the state know that Fire Department, EMS and police are still doing our jobs, and we’re in solidarity to let the communities know that we are still here for them. We’re doing our job. We’re not going to let this COVID-19 pandemic get to us and we’re going to be here for our people and help as much as we can. “

He tells us that the idea is to show your support.

(as said:) “If you have anything red, white, and blue as in ribbons, I am on your railings up front of your house or around your trees or whatever you wish to show your support for all responders in Northwest, Iowa.”

According to Huls, they’d like to give people a chance to get out and about, while respecting social distancing rules, and show your support for your emergency responders.

(as said:) “And if people do wish to go view this I recommend they do it in their vehicles or they stand giving their — six-foot barrier rules apply. Come out and take some photos and do your appreciation in front of your departments if you want to get out of your house.”

The Facebook post that’s been going around says, “A sign of strength and hope for all. Hope for all who work daily in EMS, Fire, and Law Enforcement to be ready, strength for those working around the clock to provide care, encouragement to those who strive to find the right medicine to help, patience for those in the food/grocery industry to feed us, and will power to those trucking daily to keep us going.”

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