Sibley Farmer Featured In Guideposts Magazine

A chance meeting with an NFL football player has turned into a strong friendship for a Sibley farmer — and their strong bond was featured in a recent article in Guideposts magazine.

Ryan Odens is a farmer who lives between Little Rock and Sibley. Over 11 years ago, he had a bad car accident.

Fast forward a number of years. Easter Seals has made it possible for Odens to attend a Dallas Cowboys game. There, he had a chance to meet Cowboys Guard Cory Procter.

Odens says he even had a chance to host Proctor for a few days at his home near Sibley. That’s where they really had a chance to get to know one another.

Procter recently got married, and Odens said he was even invited to the wedding.

To hear more about their friendship and why Procter says he thought he was tough until he met Odens, you can read the article in the January edition of Guideposts magazine. The article is called “A Different Kind of Strong” and can be found on page 58. The article is also available at You can call Guideposts at 800-932-2145.

By Scott Van Aartsen
News Director

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