Sioux Center Turf Dome Project Gets Grant From Perdue Farms

Sioux Center, Iowa — The indoor turf facility planned in Sioux Center has just received another grant. Last month, the Enhance Iowa Board awarded a half-million-dollar Community Attraction and Tourism (or “CAT”) grant for the facility. Now a major Sioux Center employer is giving $10,000.

Perdue Farms, through its charitable giving arm the Franklin P. and Arthur W. Perdue Foundation, has awarded Dordt University a $10,000 grant to help fund the construction of the new multisport indoor turf facility that will benefit the local community. The donation is part of the company’s “Delivering Hope to Our Neighbors” initiative focused on improving quality of life and building strong communities.

The Sioux Center turf project, which is now referred to as the “American State Bank Sports Complex,” is estimated to cost around 8.8 million dollars. The project includes the construction of an air-supported (dome) structure with an artificial turf flooring surface inside. The project will also include the construction of a head-end building, which will serve as the main entrance to the Sports Complex with space for offices, concessions, storage, restrooms, and changing rooms.

The joint effort between the City of Sioux Center and Dordt University will consist of a 100,000-square-foot indoor turf facility and will provide year-round opportunities on a multi-functional, artificial turf field that will be used for youth, collegiate, and adult athletic activities, according to Dordt University director of development Lyle Huisman.

A full schedule of collegiate and community events is expected.

Huisman says, “As the Sioux Center community continues to grow in size and diversity, the indoor turf facility will provide ways for all community members to interact and use a common space. They will be able to meet, connect, and deepen relationships with year-round wellness, recreation, and sporting events for all age groups.”

Dordt athletic director Ross Douma says Dordt is most grateful for this generous gift from Perdue Farms. He says it’s an illustration of Perdue’s “intentional strategy to invest in their communities.” He says, “Perdue’s kindness brings forward the development of the American State Bank Sports Complex and helps make Sioux Center a destination location.”

Gary Malenke, senior vice president of pork operations for Perdue Farms says that they are honored to be able to help make this project a reality. He says, “The athletic and recreational opportunities this facility will provide the community, including our associates and their families, are very exciting.”

Construction on the 118,000-square-foot American State Sports Complex is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2022.

Those in charge of the Sioux Center project tell us that the sports complex will be designed to allow for activities like youth and adult soccer, recreational programs/activities, softball games and practice, baseball practice, football practice, community wellness programs, physical therapy, strength and agility programs, and rentals. The design includes space for spectators to watch and an 8,000- square-foot head-end building with changing areas, concessions, and seating. It is estimated the facility will see more than 200,000 visitors per year. The American State Bank Sports Complex is slated to be open to the public around December 2022.

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