Small Area Of Hawarden Evacuated After Gas Line Incident

Hawarden, Iowa — There were some tense moments in Hawarden on Wednesday when a natural gas line was struck.

Hawarden City Administrator Mike DeBruin says that a boring crew working on the city’s street lighting program struck the gas line on Eighth Street between Central Avenue (that’s Main Street) and Avenue H. He says it happened about 11:10 a.m.

The Hawarden Fire Department blocked several nearby streets and evacuated about a one-block radius around the leak. DeBruin says the wind was blowing it that way. He says they tested the air with their meters and found that the gas was not at a dangerous level, but they evacuated people anyway, as a precaution.

According to DeBruin, repairs were a little bit difficult because there was not an available valve nearby, and crews had to dig back further. He says repairs were complete by 3 p.m., and people were allowed to return to the area.

The City Administrator says they appreciate the cooperation shown by everyone involved, and they also appreciate the patience shown by the businesspeople in the area.



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