Smoke Returns In Atmosphere, Heat On The Way Back Too

Sheldon, Iowa — Smoke from the Canadian wildfires is showing up over of Iowa again. National Weather Service Meteorologist Dylan Dodson, says it’s most notable in one area.

Dodson says things are different from July when the smoke was clearly visible across the state and made an impact on the sunset and sunrise.

The DNR Air Quality monitor is not showing any air that is at the unhealthy level in the state. The air is reported at the moderate level for two-thirds of the state, which is a level below healthy. The forecast is still showing that hot weather will be more of a concern this weekend than the smoke.

Lower dewpoints mean the “feels like” temperature is lower. Dodson says the actual air temperature is something to take note of.

One thing that is still not in the forecast is precipitation, as Dodson says it remain dry into next week.

It will be a hot Labor Day weekend in northwest Iowa. In Sheldon our Friday high is supposed to be about 90, with a high of 95 forecast for Saturday, 97 for Sunday, and 95 on Monday. By the time we go back to work on Tuesday, temps should be a little lower with highs around 86.



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