Social Security Scam Costs Sheldon Resident Dearly

Sheldon, Iowa — Sheldon Police are warning of a scam that recently cost one Sheldon resident dearly.

According to the Sheldon Police Department, it all started when a Sheldon resident received a telephone call from someone claiming to be a Special Agent with the Social Security Administration. He told the victim that her Social Security account had been compromised through the purchase of illegal narcotics, as well as heavy weapons including rifles, incendiary devices, etc, in Texas. Police say the scammer told his victim that she would have to pay some $35,000 to keep her Social Security account from being frozen.

Authorities say the victim sent a combination of cash and gift cards to the scammer.

Sheldon Police say there are several red flags to look for if you receive a similar call. If the caller advises you to not discuss the situation with anyone, or tells you to lie to someone, it’s a scam. If it’s something that sounds a little off, it probably is. And, they say, an easy way to verify, or debunk, one of these phone calls is to look up the phone number of the agency the caller claims to represent, tell them about the call, and ask if it’s legitimate. Most likely it’s not. Police caution to NOT call the number the scammer provides to check out their story, call the number listed for the agency.

Police say you should NEVER give out any personal information to anyone who calls you. ALWAYS be skeptical, and ALWAYS check it out before giving up any of your hard-earned money, or your personal information.

The Sheldon Police Department, along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, are investigating this crime. Sadly, victims seldom get their money back, so don’t fall for something that could be a scam. It could be a VERY expensive lesson.

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