State D.O.T. Approves Highway 75 Project Through Sioux Center

US75Sioux Center, Iowa — The Sioux Center City Council recently received notification that the 5-lane reconfiguration of Highway 75 has been placed on the Iowa Department of Transportation’s 5-year plan. From as early as 1999, projections have indicated that a 5-lane highway would eventually be needed to effectively accommodate both local and pass-through traffic on Highway 75.

The City Council directed city staff to pursue Iowa Department of Transportation approval and funding of the Highway 75 reconfiguration. From Spring 2008 to Spring 2012, city staff met with D.O.T. officials a number of times to propose the Highway 75 project be included in the state’s transportation budget. In August, 2012, the city was informed that the project had been placed on the State D.O.T. 5-year plan with an allocation of approx. $3.4 million.

Back in 2005 the council commissioned the Downtown Enhancement Committee to research and assess the needs and develop a plan for Highway 75 and the Sioux Center downtown area. But recognizing that a lot of time has passed, the committee considers this an opportunity to begin again with a fresh look at the possibilities and options for the entire Highway 75 corridor. With new and updated information from the engineers and planners, the committee is reconsidering the possibility of retaining parking along the highway in the downtown area, the development of additional parking areas, the relocation and/or addition of downtown stoplights, and many other highway and streetscape-related issues. In addition, the committee intends to address the concerns of businesses and residential properties along the highway outside the downtown area.

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