Sheldon Fire Crews Called Back Wednesday Morning To Scene Of Tuesday House Fire

UPDATE: Sheldon Fire crews were called back out to the scene of a house fire that they fought on Tuesday. The fire fighters were called back out to take care of hot spots. Chief Jerry Meyer says they just put out the hot spots. He says there was no more damage to speak of, as the house already had extensive damage.

Original story:

Sheldon, Iowa — A stove that somehow got turned on got the blame for a fire in a home where the occupants were moving out, north of Sheldon on Tuesday.

Sheldon Fire Company Chief Jerry Meyer reports the Sheldon Fire Company was called to 3160 Nest Avenue, north of Fareway, about 9:10 Tuesday morning. He says when they got there they saw smoke coming from the eaves of the newer home. The home was owned by Mike Weaver, and according to the chief, they were in the process of moving out of the home, and no one was there at the time.

Meyer says the fire mainly involved the kitchen area and must have burned for some time as there was rafter damage there, plus heat and smoke damage throughout the house. He says the damage was extensive.

Meyer says the stove apparently accidentally got turned on, and they believe that’s what started the fire.

There were no injuries to people, pets, or livestock.

Also responding to the call were firefighters from Sanborn, and personnel from the Sheldon Community Ambulance Team, Sheldon Police Department, and the O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office.

Chief Meyer says they used water and foam injected into water to fight the fire, and about 2000 gallons was used. He says crews were there putting out the fire and overhauling the building for 3 to 4 hours.

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