Suicide Prevention Month: Seasons Center Gives Warning Signs, Tells Where To Turn

Sheldon, Iowa — The month of September has been Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

We talked to Lindsay Obbink, who is the Project Director for Seasons Center for Behavioral Health’s Emergency Response Suicide Prevention grant, which Seasons officials tell us offers care coordination services for those who have had thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

She tells us about Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

She says that’s what her program does. She tells us that when you are speaking with someone you suspect may be thinking about suicide, you need to be direct.

Obbink tells us if someone is thinking about suicide, it’s often a relief to hear someone else mention it so they don’t have to. She says if friends and family can ask the scary questions, it’s easier to get good information that may help them to help the person who’s thinking about suicide.

Obbink says there are several resources that you can turn to if you are thinking about killing yourself.

National Suicide Hotline 800-273-8255
Seasons Center Crisis Line 844-345-4569
Your Life Iowa 855-895-8398 (text only)
Your Life Iowa 855-581-8111 (voice)

She tells us what they can do for you through Seasons.

Obbink gives us some warning signs that someone might be thinking about attempting suicide.

For more information on Seasons’ services, you can visit or call 1-800-242-5101.

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