Sunset Motel Saga Drawing To A Close

Sheldon, Iowa — More than two years have been spent by City officials trying to get the crumbling Sunset Motel, on South 2nd Avenue, demolished and that effort will soon be coming to fruition.

The old motel has been falling into disrepair since the death of the owner a few years ago. In June, 2018, the City issued a Notice of Unsafe Building and Notice to Abate Nuisance to the property’s owners.

About one year ago, the City of Sheldon had asked for proposals for cleaning up the property and eventually accepted a proposal from Kerwin and Kathy Sterler.

Shortly thereafter the process ground to a snail’s pace while the City attempted to serve notice to one relative of the motel’s late owner, who was living outside the United States.

Last week District Court Judge Charles Borth ruled that Title to the property be awarded to the City of Sheldon, which put the project back on the fast track, according to Sheldon City Manager Sam Kooiker.

(As above) “The deed will be in the Sterlers’ hands within the next couple of weeks. The closing is underway, it’s just a matter of setting the closing date.

Since the death of the property’s former owner, the structures have deteriorated to the point that they are unsafe and unfit for habitation. The Sterlers plan to raze the dilapidated motel, and remove the debris from the property.


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