Sunshine Addition Hot Topic of City Council Meeting

city council 1Sheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon City Council has approved a plan designed to increase housing development in the city.  This plan is for the five unsold lots in the Sunshine Addition.  These five lots will be sold for only a dollar each, but the buyer must sign a minimum assessment agreement showing a valuation of two hundred thousand dollars for the lot.  This assessment would only come into play if no construction of a residence begins within the first twelve months after the purchase.  If construction begins within that twelve-month period and is completed within 24 months of the lot purchase the real estate taxes would be based on the value of the new structure.  City Manager Scott Wynja told the council that he has already heard some interest in these lots.  A list of those who apply for the purchase of one of these lots will eventually be presented to the City Council for their approval.

At their Tuesday meeting the council also named Dennis Gorter and Curt Strouth as authorized signers for the Sheldon Housing Review Board, with Scott Wynja as alternate.  There is forty thousand dollars in the fund which is an income-based program for new home construction.