Tornadoes Reported Friday Night

Alton, Iowa — Northwest Iowa had a somewhat surprising bout with severe weather on Friday night.
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It’s not known at this time how many of these tornadoes were separate tornadoes and how many were different reports of the same tornado.

But it all started when a tornado was reported by a member of the public near Alton at about 5:46 PM. Three minutes later, at 5:49 PM, the National Weather Service received a report of a tornado a mile northeast of Orange City, which was called in by law enforcement. An officer also called in a funnel cloud, one mile south-southeast of Brunsville at three minutes before six. At 6:01 PM, a storm chaser called in a report of a tornado a mile northeast of Hospers. Also near Hospers, a storm spotter called in a report of a funnel cloud three miles east of that town at 6:05. Three minutes later a funnel cloud was reported by law enforcement a mile west of Meriden. At 6:36 PM another funnel cloud report was received from a spotter. This one was said to be six miles south of Alton. The final report in northwest Iowa was at 6:39 PM, of a tornado two miles north of Larrabee. It was reported by law enforcement that that storm lifted a roof off of a house.

Sioux County Emergency Management Director Nate Huizenga has also reported that a machine shed sustained major damage a mile south of Alton. No injuries were reported

Click here for a video of the tornado near Orange City. (Thanks Mike Hoffman)



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