Trooper: Stay Aware Of Motorcycles; And Motorcyclists — Wear A Helmet

Northwest Iowa — A holiday weekend is on the way, and so is some very nice weather. And of course, with the weekend off and nice weather, motorcycles will be common on our roadways.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and Iowa State Patrol Trooper Kevin Krull has some tips for us all. For motorcycle riders, he has this advice.

He says while leather will keep you from getting so much road rash if you do take a spill, he’s got some other clothing advice as well.

Trooper Krull also says drivers of normal-size vehicles need to be expecting motorcycles and thinking of them this time of year. One trick he says is you can play a game with yourself, where you’re looking for unusual motorcycles — maybe brightly-colored ones. The idea is if you’re looking for them, hopefully you’ll also see the other motorcycles before their presence becomes an issue in traffic.

Krull reminds motorcycle riders that they may ride up to two motorcycles in tandem, but to be careful if you do that as you are a hazard for each other if one or more of you needs to take evasive action.