True Cost Of Speeding Tickets Estimated

Statewide, Iowa — A new study has been released on the true cost of speeding in cities across Iowa. And northwest Iowa is not immune from the high cost.
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The study, released by the firm “NerdWallet” considered the cost of a speeding ticket and insurance premium increases over a 3-year period. Some cities in northwest Iowa are among the places where they say the true cost is among the highest.

John Kuo of NerdWallet tells us why they did the study.

He says that while drivers in Iowa pay all pay $168 in fines, fees and court costs for a speeding ticket of 11 to 15 mph over the legal limit, the other, more “hidden” costs are not the same.

He tells us why the “hidden” costs differ.

In the 80 communities mentioned in the results, the top three were Council Bluffs, Bettendorf, and Sioux City, where the true cost of a speeding ticket ranged from $550 to nearly $561. The true cost of that kind of speeding ticket in Orange City they figured was $495.75, which was 18th place. In Le Mars, the figure was $489.99. In Sioux Center it was $486.48. Sheldon was down the list a little at 50th place, with an estimated true cost of $473.49. In Spencer they figured it was $472.74.
Click here for the full list and more information from NerdWallet.

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