Vander Plaats To Meet With Trump

Bob Vander Plaats 2015Sheldon, Iowa — A Sheldon native will be among hundreds of conservatives meeting with Donald Trump in New York.

Bob Vander Plaats is the leader of The Family Leader, an evangelical Christian group headquartered in Des Moines.  Vander Plaats endorsed Ted Cruz before the Iowa Caucuses and he’s been among Republican National Convention delegates who’ve said “everything must be on the table”, and that includes selecting someone other than Trump as the party’s presidential nominee.

Vander Plaats says he is not part of the “Never Trump” movement, but he doesn’t expect to “endorse” Trump either.

He does say that he could see himself getting to a level of saying that he could support Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Vander Plaats sent an email to his network of supporters earlier this week, asking them to pray for guidance in how Christian leaders should lead during these “trying times”, including the 2016 election.