Watch For Buses, Kids As School Year Begins

Northwest Iowa — The first day of school for most students in our area is this Friday, August 23rd. The beginning of a new school year also means the return of the big yellow vehicles that transport schoolchildren to and from class.

Iowa State Patrol Trooper Nick Erdmann reminds motorists that they’ll be encountering school buses, so pay attention and be patient.

Trooper Erdmann says there are severe penalties for any motorist passing a stopped school bus.

He says the stiff penalties are the result of what is known as “Kadyn’s Law”, which is named for Kadyn Jade Halverson.

Erdmann has this advice for students who ride the bus to and from school.

And to drivers he warns you need to expect the unexpected.

Schools in most all districts here in our area get underway Friday, with Boyden-Hull Schools beginning the school year for students this coming Tuesday.



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