Workshop Deals With Herbicide-Resistant Weeds

Calumet, Iowa — Weeds. Since the fall of Adam, they’ve always been a problem for farmers.

Since modern herbicide was invented, farmers have had a weapon against weeds. And herbicide-resistant crops were thought to be the answer — just spray your fields with a certain herbicide and since the crops themselves are resistant — no weeds, and the crops are fine.

tall waterhemp herbicide resistant
Tall Waterhemp seedling

However, another problem appears to be “cropping” up — weeds that are herbicide-resistant.

In response, ISU Extension and Outreach is offering workshops across Iowa during the first week of August to take a closer look at how this problem can be combated. It’s called “Weeds Week.” The date in northwest Iowa is Thursday, August 6th at the ISU Northwest Research Farm near Calumet in southern O’Brien County. Workshops will be educational programs for farmers and retailers with a focus on understanding weed resistance and a hands-on, practical approach to developing long-term weed management plans that work.

Iowa State University Extension Field Agronomist Angie Rieck Hinz says Weeds Week is all about herbicide resistance.

She tells us what people will get out of the workshop.

The session costs $25 and registration is due by August 2nd for the northwest Iowa session, which again is on August 6th at the ISU Northwest Research Farm near Calumet.

Contact your local Extension and Outreach office for more details or check out the information page online at

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