Blizzard Conditions + Brutal Cold Winds = Staying Home, Staying Safe

Iowa — Much of Iowa is under a Blizzard Warning and the Iowa State Patrol is posting photos taken this morning on its Facebook page of mangled cars on snow-packed roads to discourage motorists from venturing out.

With heavy snow falling and strong winds, many areas are seeing white-out conditions. Woodbury County Emergency Management’s Michael Montino says everyone should think twice about going out the next few days.

Forget driving on the iffy roads, just going outside to shovel the walks or driveway is extremely risky, as he says the bitter cold is dangerous, especially with those strong winds.

National Weather Service meteorologist Kristy Carter says storms of this magnitude are fairly rare and usually only occur once or twice per decade.

Schools and businesses across Iowa are closing by the dozens and many churches are already calling off their Sunday services. One Des Moines TV station has a closing list 266 items long. Carter says it’ll be a good weekend to stay home and stay safe.

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