If you’re planning a summer vacation, don’t boast about it online

Iowans are being warned to prune their social media friends lists and to be careful of who sees their posts about activities, especially summer vacations. Consumer protection expert Michelle Reinen says crooks have been using A-I to doctor people’s videos, crafting elaborate scams against their loved ones.

She suggests doing a sweep of your friends list to make sure you know everyone, and that only those friends can see your posts. Reinen says it’s not a good idea to broadcast your summer plans to the entire internet.

For people who have hundreds of social media friends or followers, it may be laborious to wade through the entire list, but Reinen says it’s important to do so and limit who sees your posts.

On Facebook, for example, set the parameters on your posts to just “friends” and only on very rare occasions to “public” if you’re intentionally trying to reach a wider audience.


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